Bridesmaid Lehnga Choli

Bridesmaid Lehnga Choli especially designed in vibrant colors for bridesmaid to complete the wedding theme.

Bridesmaid Lehenga choli  1

Gorgeous embellishment of sequins, stones, beads, pearls, kundans on whole ensemble is stunning.

Bridesmaid Lehenga choli  9

All outfits are ready  to make bridesmaid perfect for some precious moments.

Bridesmaid Lehenga choli  7

Arabic Flower Mehndi

Arabic mehndi refers to temporary body art painted on the hands or feet with henna paste. The paste is a dye that soaks into the skin and remains for several days.

arabic flower mehndi 6

Intricate designs are traditionally painted on Indian and Arabic brides. A dark color is considered good luck for the couple’s future.

arabic flower mehndi 2
The main differences between Arabic mehndi and other types are the designs. Arabic mehndi uses trailing, bold flower designs with open spaces on only one side of the hands and feet.

arabic flower mehndi 7

Mehndi paste can be applied with a henna cone or a squeezable plastic bottle with a narrow tip on the cap.

arabic flower mehndi 12

Sultry Eye Makeup

Eyes are one of the most beautiful and complimented part of the human body, and enhancing their beauty is not an easy job.

Sultry Eye Makeup 5

Every little detail has to be taken care of. From the right shadows to blending them, from liner to kohl, there’s a lot of work to do.

Sultry Eye Makeup 11

It’s an art which takes time to learn and needs to change with changing weathers and events.

Sultry Eye Makeup 1

Health Tips for Women

You should Drink lots of water. At least 8 -12 glasses of water consumption should be done by an adult.

Drink lot of water

Develop a Healthy Eating Habit and live more on fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, and food rich in fiber, shoots, seeds and cereals.

healthy eating habit

Increase your protein intake and also have more of carbohydrate in your diet.

Increase your protein

Calcium Rich Diet is also essential for women as they tend to suffer a lot from osteoporosis after menopause.

Calcium rich diet

You should do some, yoga, exercises and work out a daily basis, so that you can stay in shape as well as fit and healthy.


These will surely help you to remain active for a long time.

Garnet Pendant Pearl Necklace

Garnet Pendant Pearl Necklace Dazzling in their silver settings, faceted garnets form a crimson star.

Garnet Pendant Pearl Necklace are inn now a days in very  dramatic pendant on a ravishing necklace.

Garnet pendant Pearl necklace 9

It features sterling beads and four lavish strands of red gems.

Garnet pendant Pearl necklace 8

Ethnic Eid Wear Kurties

Ethnic Eid Eear Kurties are much in now a day .it can be design on any kind of fabric.

Ethnic Eid wear Kurties 1

Ethnic Eid Wear Kurties can be design with beats,leases,ribbon,applic style or with any embroidery.its looks stylish and very nice to wear.

Ethnic Eid wear Kurties 4

Leather And Metal Made Wallet

Leather And Metal Made Wallet are a big trend in fashion accessories right now and are currently being featured by top designers.

Leather And Metal Made Wallet 7

Leather And Metal Made Wallet are buttery soft faux leather, it is adorable as well as durable and does it all without having harmed any animals! An array of solid color choices make this timeless attractive clutch wallet fun to shop for and own.

Leather And Metal Made Wallet 2

Special Designed Rain Hats

Special Designed Rain Hats are so adorable & unusual .These are  plastic rain hats that go over your hat or worn on it’s own to keep your hair dry.

Special Designed Rain Hats 6

Special Designed Rain Hats  are shaped in the same style as so many hats were back then tall and rounded. They’re both trimmed in grosgrain ribbon and have elastic around the head with a cute little bow. They’re made of 2 layers of clear plastic. A great way to look stylish

Special Designed Rain Hats 3

Ponytail Hairstyle

The ponytail hairstyle is such a classic hairstyle that never grows old and its versatility is endless.
Ponytail Hairstyle 10

Ponytail hairstyles can be fashioned with several different lengths of hair, hair textures and can be used for just about any occasion. Ponytail hairstyles are great for casual, elegant, or office atmospheres.
Ponytail Hairstyle 7

Long Hairs with Latest Cutting and Styles

It is the fact that long hairstyle is a great way to show the glamour and shine of natural hair. When we talk about hairstyle, there is nothing more appealing and attractive than long, and textured hair.

Long Hairs with Latest Cutting and Styles 4

Long hairstyles are suitable for all kinds of occasions. Long hairs can style out to be more appealing and beautiful in a birthday party, a candle light dinner, or even wedding.

Long Hairs with Latest Cutting and Styles 1

Women can try various styles on their long haircuts. Long curly hairstyles are the best choice to go with different occasion.

Long Hairs with Latest Cutting and Styles 10

Some of the tools like Sedu iron, dryer, and crimping machine can aid them to style their hair at home. They need not go a parlor or a hairstylist every time before going for a party.

Long Hairs with Latest Cutting and Styles 7

Long hairstyles were the trend for women from time immemorial. Nowadays, the hairstyle trend for men is shifting from short hairstyles to long haircuts.

Long Hairs with Latest Cutting and Styles 9